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Hertta Kustannus Oy (or Hertta Publishing) is an independent publishing house founded in 2022 by two publishing professionals, Riina Behl and Tuija Lappalainen. 

We publish around 15 books a year, mostly translated. We focus on children and young readers, both fiction and non-fiction titles (picture books, early readers, middle grade, YA). For adults we’re looking for high-quality fantasy and sci-fi and also commercial, popular non-fiction – anything that is close to our heart (because Hertta, as a word, means heart). We value diversity and sustainability and aim to reflect those in our publishing choices and action.


Riina Behl (she/her)
Publisher (acquisitions, royalties etc.)

Hertta Kustannus Oy
Oksasenkatu 2a
00100 Helsinki, Finland

VAT number: FI33092538